Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.

– Unkown 

Asset Management Hotels & Restaurants

Assessment upon assignment

Sales & Marketing / Revenue Management
  • Review of Sales & Marketing plan Rooms
  • Review of Sales & Marketing plan Food & Beverage
  • Review of Social Media strategy and positioning
  • Review of market share (STAR report)
  • Review of Sales pipeline
  • Review of Operations procedures
  • Review of HR policies
  • Review of Labor contract
  • Review of Guests satisfaction surveys
  • Review and analysis of Profit & Loss report (P&L)
  • Review of Balance Sheet and Cash Flow
  • Review of Capital Expenditure (Capex plan)
  • Visit of plant
Management company
  • Review of management/franchise contract
  • Review management/franchise company’s delivery and ROI


  • Develop a Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats analysis (SWOT)
  • Help develop a one year- and five year- strategy plan fitting Owning and
  • Management companies’ objectives
Permanent analysis
  • Daily and weekly analysis of revenue and market share
  • Monthly reviews (S&M, Revenue Management, Operations, HR/Labor, PR, Sustainability Initiatives)
  • Regular visits of building
  • Capex reviews and monitoring
  • Assessment and relevance of every point of sales
  • Optimization of square footage profitability
Management & Operations
  • Guests satisfaction review
  • Employee satisfaction analysis
  • Analysis of Management team performance
  • Review of Training plan
  • Meetings with Corporate officers of Management company and understanding of their strategy and efficiency
Sales & Marketing/Revenue Management
  • Review of daily/weekly/monthly STAR reports
  • Review of Social media reports
  • Benchmark of entity within market (social media, financial results, quality)
  • Monthly reviews of P&L and Capex and subsequent analysis
  • Return On Investment (ROI) analysis
  • Budget approval
Owning Company
  • Studies on behalf of owning company (Strategy, Re-positioning, ROI, remodeling, refinancing, costs to ownership)
  • Challenge of Management/Franchise company
  • Constant analysis of relevancy of investment
  • Progress report on positioning and results

Branding & Strategy

Analysis but no paralysis
  • Challenge efficiency of all third party companies (Management, Franchise, PR and Communications, Branding, Social Media, etc.)
  • Evaluate relevancy of concept(s)
  • Review rate positioning and benchmarking
  • Calculate Return On Investments
  • Market perception analysis
  • Develop short and long term strategy
  • Define the low cost/high impact initiatives to take
  • Create a long term strategy for all concepts
  • Review square footage usage and ROI

Mystery shopping

Types and styles of entities
  • Hotel, Restaurant, Bar, Spa, Club lounge
  • Cruise lines, Airlines
  • Full service, Limited service
  • Luxury, Lifestyle, Resorts
Assessment (part or full)
  • Analysis of website and ease of use
  • Report on sales process
  • Report on reservation process
  • Integration of Brand standards
  • Improvement of standards
  • Service assessment
  • Cash payment
  • Hardware assessment
  • Emotional assessment
Suggestion from a customer’s standpoint
  • Improvement of concept
  • Improvement of service
  • Improvement of menus
  • Improvement of hours
Revenue opportunities
  • OTAs,
  • Brand or Entity website
  • Upsell
  • Revenue producing services
Market analysis
  • Benchmark with competitive concepts
  • Suggestion of various concepts to develop


First phase
  • Definition of concepts and space usage
  • Support with local authorities
  • Analysis of local rules & regulations
  • Creation of critical path
Second phase
  • Construction/Renovation
  • Support with Architects, Engineers, Designers negotiations and follow up
  • Information Technology infrastructure
  • Vendor selection and negotiation
  • Ordering, management of orders, delivery
Human Resources
  • Support for recruitment of Executive and Management teams
  • Support for recruitment of line staff
  • Support for all HR and Labor related tasks
    • Policies

    • Organization

    • Health care

    • Payroll company
    • Training plan
Sales & Marketing
  • Development of S&M plan
  • Choice of Branding agency, PR/Communication company
  • Choice of Digital Marketing agency
Revenue Management
  • Meeting with Digital Marketing agency
  • OTA strategy and set-up
  • Development of financial reporting procedures
  • Check & Balance
  • Definition of Standard Operating Procedures
  • Choice of OS&E
  • Choice of vendors

Feasibility studies

Feasibility studies
  • Study site location and its environment
  • Obtain 10 year real estate future development plans from City government
  • Risk and Opportunity study
  • Global cost of project: construction/renovation; architecture, engineering, commodities, payroll, taxes, licenses, etc.
  • Definition of a competitive set
  • Evaluation of the competitive set
    • Product and offer

    • Clientele

    • Occupancy and Rates reports (Smith Travel Research) past and future

  • Financial results through a Financial third party
  • Definition of product (number of rooms, F&B and other amenities, classification)
  • Definition of economic model (brand, managed, franchized) and positioning
  • Selection process of third party franchise/management/brand company
  • Creation of a 10 year financial projection (pro-forma)
  • Calculation of financial ROI (IRR, NPV, Cash Flow)
  • Prepare a high level Sales & Marketing plan
  • Extra: Create a formal business plan

Other Services

Foreign companies development strategy in the US
  • Market study
  • Support to establish and manage the US branch
Food & Beverage
  • Concept, profitability analysis, HR implication
Renovation project
  • Concept, choice of architect, designers, engineering firm, management
  • Assessment of needs with Executive team
  • Integration of Training strategy in HR strategy
  • Definition of the organization culture with Executive/Management teams
  • Elaboration of SOPs, job descriptions, training schedules
  • Determination of modules to present
    • Customer focus:
      • Concierge culture, Service attitude, Customer Relationship Management
      • Role play
    • Management: The Essentials of Luxury Hotel Management
      • Strategy, Marketing, Sales, Revenue Management, Human Resources, Operations, Quality, Profitability/P&L analysis, Asset Management